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  • Saint Joseph CollegeThe Alma Mater of Proud Maasinhons and Southern Leytenos
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  • Agas-agas BridgeZiplining or Bungee Jumping Spot for Gutsy People Looking for Fun!
  • Busay FallsEnjoy the Refreshing Coolness of the Water During Hot Summer Days
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  • Downtown MaasinAnother Day in the Life of Maasin
  • En Route to Tuburan
  • Downtown Maasin by Southern Comfort Hotel
  • One of Maasin's Spanish Era Edifices
  • Downtown MaasinAnother Day in the Life of Maasin
  • Downtown MaasinAnother Day in the Life of Maasin
  • Downtown MaasinAnother Day in the Life of Maasin
  • Province-bound
  • Metro Hi-Per Store Interior
  • Jolibee Customers and Pedestrians
  • Maasin' Santo Nino Sinulog Celebration
  • Maasin' Santo Nino Sinulog Celebration
  • Swimming with a WhalesharkEnjoy Scuba Diving with Southern Leyte's Dive Shops
  • Photo Op with a BarracudaDaring Closeness for Comfort with an Unpredictable Fish
  • Ricefields© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • On the road to Sogod© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • Flying fish (bangsi) vendor at Maasin City Public Market© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • Fishermen preparing a fishing net at a Macrohon shoreline© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • Dried fish vendor at Maasin City Public Market© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • Musical competition at Saint Joseph College© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • Banana vendor at Maasin City Public Market© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • Banahaw Spring© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • Dream House© David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)
  • The Carabao (or Tamaraw) © David Barrie (Courtesy Photo)

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26th September 2014
Sen Marcos Bill to benefit retiring bgy. officials
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on September 26, 2014, 5:36 am


September 26, 2014

MAASIN CITY – Retiring barangay officials including its workers stand to benefit from Senator Ferdinand Marcos’ bill in the senate which the senator said already passed in the committee level.

The senator who “gate crashed” at the first Southern Leyte tourism summit held at Lourdes convention center here in the city on Friday, told tourism stakeholders including LGU officials on the side about his bill (SBN 12) an act providing retirement benefits to Barangay officials and barangay workers.

“I am optimistic that the Bill will be passed in the Senate considering that 11 senators have co-authored my bill after I submitted my committee report.”

He said in jest that in the Senate they now have a different mathematics. “We are supposed to be 24 members but three are on vacation and another is on medical leave. With the 11 senators as co-authors we are already the majority.”

Marcos said that included in Bill is the provision of Philhealth for every member of the family of the barangay officials.

“In the House, they have a similar Bill but different provisions. But with the prodding of LGU officials to their representatives I think this will become a law.”

He said “It’s about to return the favor to the hapless barangay officials and workers who are only receiving honoraria but if without them there will be no government because they are the ones who will deliver the basic needs of our people.”

With the Bill, village chiefs stand to receive P100,000 cash benefits if they have completed their three terms, so with barangay kagawads, P80,000 and other workers like tanods, BHW and other barangay workers stand to receive from P30,000 to P50,000.



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13th September 2014
Search and rescue operations underway for Maharlika 2 passengers, crew
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on September 13, 2014, 4:27 pm


MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte—Rescue teams are searching for passengers and crew of MV Maharlika 2 which sank in the waters between Surigao and Panaon Island, San Ricardo town, Southern Leyte about 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

As of 10:54 p.m., 18 passengers have been rescued, said Lieutenant Commander Glen Pacheco, officer-in-charge of Maasin Coast Guard.

He said 32 passengers, 2 of them children, and 26 crew were on board the passenger vessel owned by Philharbor Ferries and Port Services when it left Lipata, Surigao City about 1 p.m.

It was scheduled to dock in Liloan town in Southern Leyte at 5 p.m.

Pacheco said the vessel may have been slowed down by rough  seas and big waves spawned by Typhoon “Luis.”

When the MV Maharlika 2 was between Surigao and Panaon Island, Pacheco said vessel skipper identified as Juan Cayago was able to declare abandon ship before the vessel sank.

Rescue teams from Southern Leyte and Surigao are now conducting the search to rescue the passengers and crew.


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12th September 2014
NGCP explains role in power transmission
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on September 12, 2014, 4:43 am

By Marcelo M. Pedalino

ORMOC CITY, September 11 (PIA)  --  More than two dozen information officers from various national line agencies from the province of Southern Leyte, including local government units and private media practitioners, visited the sprawling compound of the National Grid Corporation (NGCP) here Tuesday and gained ringside views on some technicalities behind the company’s work.

The facility tour was made possible upon the invitation of Betty Martinez, the Regional Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Officer of NGCP.


The visit also served as an occasion for NGCP to share inputs on their basic role in the power industry sector, which was invariably described by top-level officers as like a highway transmitting electricity from the generation source up to distribution utilities like electric cooperatives.

From its plant in barangay Milagro here, high-voltage currents travel through various lines such as the 230 kv, 138 kv, and 69 kv lines to serve the consumers through the electric coops in various parts of Region 8 including Cebu and Bohol by way of submarine cables.


For Southern Leyte, NGCP’s transmitted power is received by the province’s electric coop, the Soleco.

Matters on safety and security were also extensively discussed, like warning children on playing kites near high-voltage wires for this is very dangerous.

People carrying long bamboo poles especially in rural areas should also be advised to drag bamboos instead of carrying those in their shoulders when passing beneath a high-tension wire, for its top end may touch the lines that can cause instant death.

Also, installing TV antennas near the NGCP lines should also be extra careful, as the voltage can discharge electricity even if the object is two or three meters distance away and seemingly out of touch.

On security, a speaker warned that stealing bolts, nuts, cable wires, and other accessories in a power post is definitely a crime punishable by Republic Act 7832 passed on 1994, the electricity materials pilferage law.

Martinez urged the info officers to help disseminate to their immediate circles and to the general public the things they have learned for the benefit of everyone.  (mmp, PIA8-Southern Leyte)

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2nd September 2014
LGUs have authority to issue SAG permits, says solon
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on September 2, 2014, 5:10 am
By Marcelo M. Pedalino
MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte, September 1 (PIA)  --  Permits for sand and gravel extraction, irrespective of size  --  either five hectares or above  --  will have to be approved by the provincial government before any other agency can issue succeeding permits.
This was reported by Cong. Damian Mercado Friday in a block-time program over dydm, “Action, Solusyon, Inisyatibo sa Congreso.”
Quoting the gist of a House Environment Committee hearing in aid of legislation, which conducted a marathon session on the matter Wednesday last week, Mercado said the clarification was also based by a Supreme Court ruling on a similar issue, in addition to various rules, laws, and regulations cited by the committee.
The hearing was held on the initiative of the lone Southern Leyteno solon in an effort to settle lingering questions on who can grant extraction permits, especially those concessionaires beyond five hectares.
Mercado also quoted Cagayan De Oro Representative Rufus Rodriguez, a member of the House Environment Committee, as saying that in their province the provincial government was empowered as the issuing body for such kind of permits.
Earlier, shortly after an early morning tree-planting activity at barangay Cambooc here, Gov. Roger Mercado told PIA the same update as the main substance of the congressional hearing that he also attended.
The elder Mercado, who was celebrating his 63rd birthday Friday, reiterated the authority of the province to issue extraction permits, whether big and small, in an interview with Nestor Abrematia, a Tacloban-based journalist, on the sidelines of his birthday party at the Capitol Tree Park.
Meanwhile, some 1,870 seedlings of Acasia Mangium trees have been planted by about three hundred employees who joined the tree-planting, a regular activity every natal day of the Gov. Mercado, even long before when he was still the province’s lone district lawmaker.  (mmp, PIA8-Southern Leyte) 

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30th August 2014
All Hands Volunteers to join fun run
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on August 30, 2014, 4:28 pm


On Sunday 31st of August, 39 All Hands Volunteers will be taking part in Comelec's Fun, running over 340km between them, in Tacloban City

All Hands Volunteers set up Project Leyte in December, responding to the destruction that saw Typhoon Yolanda destroy or severely damage 1.1 million homes. Since March,the volunteers have helped build 146 transitional shelters which allow families from Barangay 88 to be relocated.

This is in addition to All Hands projects to rebuild schools, safely deconstruct unsafe premises, support livelihoods with fruit tree distribution, run community days and improve infrastructure at relocation sites amongst many other commitments within Tacloban and Leyte.

Project Leyte's latest initiative is to relocate families, where possible, with the least disruption to their lives. As such, they have designed Progressive Core Homes that can be built within a family's own community. It is aiming to raise 1.1 million Philippine Pesos between now and the 1 year anniversary of Super-Typhoon Yolanda. This symbolic amount, one peso for every home that was affected, will go to building nine of these homes and strengthening the communities that they are in. The countdown has begun and the volunteers, who are wanting to raise enough from their run to build at least one home, are doing what they can to smash their target.

Owen Swann, Director of Project Leyte says, “It’s great that these volunteers are going the extra mile, or even 18km. We are really committed to the community here in Tacloban City. Running alongside them gives the volunteers a chance to show that we

are there with them whilst the city gets back on its feet."

All Hands Volunteers is a US-based non-profit organization which provides hands-on assistance to communities around the world, with maximum impact and minimum bureaucracy.

Yolanda response is the organization's fifth project in the Philippines in the past seven years.

For more information please go to www.justgiving.com/teams/projectleyte or

contact Michael Ball, Assistant Project Director: mikeball@hands.org 

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